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PONTIAC AZTEK-AWD Fuel Economy 2002

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2002 PONTIAC AZTEK AWD - Average Combined EPA Mileage of 20 Miles Per Gallon
General Car Specifications
Car Class:
Sports utility vehicles
Number of Cylinders:
Engine Size:
3.4 L
Car Transmission:
Number of Gears:
Fuel Type / Type of Gas:
Regular Unleaded
Car Drive System:
Fuel Mileage
City MPG / Highway MPG:
18 / 24
Combined MPG:
20 *
Gallons Per 100 Miles:
Annual Fuel Cost:
$2,647.50 **
Valves, Timing and Fuel Injection System
Intake Valves Per Cylinder:
Exhaust Values Per Cylinder:
Variable Valve Timing
Variable Valve Lift:
Fuel Injection System:
* Combined gas mileage is based on the EPA MPG formula of weighting the city fuel consumption at 55 percent and the highway fuel consumption at 45 percent.
** Annual fuel cost is determined by the combined gas mileage figure multiplied by the current gas price, assuming 15,000 miles traveled per year.
2002 PONTIAC AZTEK AWD fuel economy 1
2002 PONTIAC AZTEK AWD fuel economy 2
2002 PONTIAC AZTEK AWD fuel economy 3 2002 PONTIAC AZTEK AWD fuel economy 4
2002 PONTIAC AZTEK AWD fuel economy 5 2002 PONTIAC AZTEK AWD fuel economy 6
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What is the EPA Process for Testing Fuel Consumption of New Cars?
Fuel economy ratings are provided to the EPA by the car manufacturers who follow the EPA’s strict testing routine. The routine is based on a series of tests in a laboratory on a dynamometer where the wheels engage to spin a treadmill like machine. The car exhaust is attached to a hose which feeds into a machine to measure fuel usage and car Co2 emissions. The EPA will then test about 15% of vehicles themselves to make sure the average mpg fuel consumption figures provide accurate true mileage readings.

The engine fuel efficiency is tested based on routines set to measure city mpg, highway mpg as well as air conditioning and high speed tests. For example the city mpg test is run over a distance of 11.4 miles based on a series of accelerations and decelerations with an average speed of 21.2mph. The highway mpg test is run over 10.26 miles with an average speed of 48.3mph. The average fuel mileage of both tests is combined and weighted to work out the EPA mileage rating.

In order to sell a new vehicle in the USA each car must have an EPA label displaying the average gas mileage, fuel type and car Co2 emissions. Actual gas mileage may vary for owners as real mileage can vary based on temperature and driving conditions.

Armed with accurate miles per gallon figures both online and in the car dealership there is now no excuse for buying a car with the worst mpg!